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A dating site is a place where you can forget about your daily routine and chat at any time of the day.
It’s easy if you try: Imagine life three years after Brexit?

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According to data from Similar Web, "Pokémon Go" has already been installed on more Android smartphones in the US than the dating app Tinder, which is itself a runaway hit.

More recent data is not available, but "Pokémon Go" may have Tinder was launched back in 2012, five years ago, while Twitter came out in 2006 — a decade ago. This success is causing teething problems for the app.

Bigger has four siblings, three sisters and a brother, and said he was the “big-little” brother, overprotective regardless of his position as a middle sibling.

On “The Bachelorette,” Bigger opened up to Lindsay about his upbringing and confessed he’d seen close friends die and family members get tangled up with drugs and crime.

I'm going to focus on my own needs right now, and I recommend you take a moment (or summer) to do the same.

After a nice Italian dinner, they go back to Dave’s place, settle into his faux-suede sofa and clink glasses of cheap Merlot. But then Dave reaches under his sofa and pulls a pre-rolled joint out of his stash box. The need to genuinely connect with our fellow humans trumps the desire to date a fellow farmer—or stoner.

The most concerning though was the amount of really questionable guys on it.

Guys that expected a relationship after the first date, or guys jobless and living with their parents, or guys who would flip out if you didn't respond within an hour.

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“[It] helped me find my love, and now we burn together every day!

Users are reporting frequent crashes and bugs, while Niantic has "paused" the game's international rollout — meaning it is officially available only in the US, Australia, and New Zealand.

(There are workarounds, however, that let you install it in other countries.) The runaway success of "Pokémon Go," which was built by the Google spin-off Niantic, has sent Nintendo's stock soaring 23% in a day.

I'm sure doing something traditionally productive will get you ahead of the game and all, but I'm choosing to take my summer back this year.

I'm going to relax and come back re-energized and excited to learn.