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Graffiti, another prevalent art form, is also used for and against gang culture. The country has produced many influential painters.

Taylor swift is dating tim tebow

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POSSIBILITY: With a decent age difference between them, we're inclined to believe that Jake would more than humor Taylor's occasional childlike persuasions, but wasn't above being condescending about some much, much cooler unknown band he heard about while on the press tour with Annie Hathaway.

ODDS: 3-1 NAME: Adam Young of Owl City, 26 EVIDENCE: Taylor Swift's song "Enchanted" was written, she said, about a mysterious dreamy loverboy she met in New York City after a series of emails in which the guy mentioned the word "wonderstruck." She put that word into the song as, you know, a Missed Connection or something; her liner notes, meanwhile, supposedly spelled out the name "ADAM" in the lyrics. ODDS: 2-1 NAME: Sarah Jaxheimer, 22 EVIDENCE: Taylor went on and on about her former classmate's shiny hair and enviable look in an interview with last year, suggesting Jaxheimer's effortless cool was something that tormented her on a daily basis.

A source told Clevver News that the twosome was seen arriving to the restaurant together, and "after dinner, he walked her out, and then he walked back in to join two other people." The source did add, however, that "they may have been with their agents," which could indicate that the two were meeting for business purposes.The Jets chanted “Lo Lo” as Tebow entered the locker room, referencing Lolo Jones, an Olympic athlete who previously revealed that she was a virgin.Any potential Tim Tebow girlfriend presumably will have to factor Tebow’s religious beliefs into consideration, but multimillionaire athletes generally have no difficulty whatsoever finding female companionship.Perhaps this is just wishful thinking for a fanbase that’s not too keen on a single Swift?Who knows, but whatever the case, questions about Tebow and Swift’s potentially budding relationship are taking over the internet today.Swift and Tebow were reportedly spotted chatting it up at WME talent agency's pre-Oscars bash just last week as well.