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Offline address book not updating

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Exchange 2013 has gone through an evolution in the way the Offline Address Book is generated and maintained.

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Furthermore, I will sometimes refer to clustered mailbox servers (CCR) and how this setup may influence the oalgen process. – /o=Group Messaging Organization/cn=addrlists/cn=oabs/cn=Default Offline Address List Event 9335, MSExchange SA OALGen is running on a cluster continuous replication (CCR) node which does not have registry value ‘SYSTEM\Current Control Set\Services\MSExchange SA\Parameters\CLUSTERNAME\Enable Oab Gen On This Node’ or it is not set to this node name.On our good old days we just have to update new Offline Address Book in Exchange Management Console and in few minutes Outlook can be updated with new updates.(Technically Outlook updates new address book every 8 hours).To make this faster, Exchange (IIS) file distribution service needs to be updated with new file.To update OAL delta file in File Distribution Service (in IIS), run the following command in Exchange Management Console.We were having issues with their Exchange 2013 servers and one node would crash or lose connection and break the DAG replication.